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"How Leroy Disarmed the Champ"

"He steps back to admire his handiwork, then lunges in with renewed viciousness, applying a claw to the face with his left hand and a claw to the balls with his right. Vince's protests are reduced to a choked gurgle..."

"The Dark Side of James"

"Danny seems to be giving this proposition his consideration. I put all the formidable power of my legs into a final, nasty squeeze, my knees crushing his ribcage. The excitement in my crotch is now intense..."

"Coach Larry"

"He got me on my back, straddled me, and then removed the leather jacket. He then reached down and pulled the straps down on my singlet. Now it was two barechested men in a power struggle..."

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"Bodybuilder Knockout"

"He quickly wrapped his iron-like right bicep around my neck, grasping his equally hard left forearm just below my left ear. My poor, scrawny little neck was being crushed in a devastating sleeper hold!..."

"Man Enough"

"Then in one quick movement, he squeezed his legs together and I gasped, fighting for air. He tightened his hold around my neck and the combined pain was excruciating..."

"Wrestling Toby 4"

"My mouth was now pressing against his Speedo clad boner as he continued to grunt, locking and relocking his ankles..."

"Wrestling Jerry"

"I continued to hold the figure-4 headscissors while Jerry struggled to escape. I was locked on him TIGHT, but he wouldn't submit. Then again, he couldn't escape either..."

"An Uncle's Surprise"

"Upon entering the room, there sat my uncle, beer in hand, swim trunks on and eyes glued to the set, and to my amazement, watching pro wrestling..."

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"Zimmer vs. Zimmer"

A sequel to Canton Doom. "Corey and Keegan, student and coach, knew their relationship about now was in for a major change. They were going to lock up with each other inside this ring – and they were going to wrestle hard..."

"The Coach"

"Then coach locked his big hairy legs around my waist! As I struggled to get free, I grabbed his jock and began to pull it. I managed to tear if off him. He did the same to mine and now we were free..."

"Wrestling Toby 1"

"I still remember locking my legs around Toby from the back, sliding my hands up his sides and adding a full nelson, pulling him back until his head was near my shoulder and repeatedly asking for his submission." This looks like a winner of a miniseries..!

"Wrestling Toby 2"

"Toby began to arch his back, causing his Speedo clad erection to slide against my open mouth, grunting and letting out light moans. He had the submission locked on good and I think we both knew that escape was impossible..." (HOT!)

"Wrestling Toby 3"

"With my thighs spread to pin him down in the mattress, I laid my stomach down against his but left my speedo in place, locked against his own. Our position was more than erotic, as I could feel his erection through the thin material and I had no doubt that he could also feel mine...."

"Mud Match"

The rain came down and the speedos came off as Chad and his friend found a muddy cove to be the perfect wrestling spot....

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"Lacrossed Legs"

Think only wrestlers and soccer players have good legs? A varsity wrestler challenges a lacrosse freshmen to an initiation match, only to end up with la-legs lacrossed around him!...

"First to Cum Loses"

This short story sent in by someone who wants to remain anonymous places the best stakes of all in a wrestling match!...

"Brawling Big Bears"

What happens when big bear wrestlers come together to wrestle? Check out this long awaited follow-up story by Logan!...

"BearCub Combat"

The wrestling adventures of Luke and Sean. If wrestling gets you hot and horny, this four-part story will certainly satisfy...

"Heaven and Hell"

"The sweet taste of victory on the wrestling mat gradually became the glory of domination when his body reached sexual maturity..."

"Canton Doom"

A collegiate wrestler gets more than a taste of going pro in this highly descriptive entry by LeanPro. Great Job!

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"Why the Tall Guy Danced"

College life doesn't get much better when out your dorm window lies a wrestler ready, waiting...and willing... ;-)

"New School I"

A guy's got to protect himself in a new school, so he gets to enjoy some "down on the ground" holds with his new gang. I wish I was a kid again!

"Pierre, Dario, Marco, Johann & Alessandro"

Five guys, ten thighs, one victim, one bed. Here's another fluffy wrestling fantasy pumping with male beef and scissor action. Imagine these guys coming to visit you 2'nite...

"Escape or Death?"

"...he shifted his position into a full head scissors, and my face became submerged not in the mud but between his mud-thick thighs...."


I call this story wrestling "lite". There's lots of love in BACH's of thighs, love of scissors, love of thighs, love of scissors. Well, you get the point.

"Dominating Quads"

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the greatest quads of all? Only time will tell in this grueling one-on-one match of nelsons, bearhugs, and scissors!!!

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

A lonely forest ranger meets up with a strange lumberjack for a bearhug contest to the finish! And they're all alone in the woods together... ;-)

Scissors and Paybacks

This three-part "epic" novel contributed by the mysterious Bigsqueezer has Nick seeking payback for Mike's deadly pythonic scissor hold...

If You're Man Enough

You're on a college break, and you sneak back into your high school to visit your old wrestling coach. He's all alone working out. Get the picture? ;-)

 Paradise Found

Tommy and Ray have more than a "crush" on each other when they battle it out on a hot, steamy Saturday afternoon...

What's a

How about getting that question from some stud that you have your eye on?  Let me teeeeach you, then you can practice on me..!

Lake Champlain

Two young lads, Pierre and Eddie, come of age in a wooded wrestling match as they slip away from their campsites...

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 Jacobs and Weaver
(Fall I)

Fall I of a match between Jacobs and Weaver, taking place in an old abandoned boxing gym...

Jacobs and Weaver
(Fall II)

Fall II of a match between Jacobs and Weaver, taking place in an old abandoned boxing gym...

Jacobs and Weaver
(Fall III)

Fall III of a match between Jacobs and Weaver, taking place in an old abandoned boxing gym...

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 "Very Special Tag Team"

The story gives new meaning to a father and son get-together. A hot weekend tag team match of fathers and sons in the buff takes place in the high school wrestling practice room...

Justice is Served

Joshua finds himself locked up in a wall of hamstrings, the legendary legs of Master Michael. Nice hot scissor punishment! ..

Scissor Taunt

Or should I say, Scissor Taut! BACH1369 slithers back into the Wrestletorium with another story on his squeezing passion...

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